We'd Like to Earn Your Business

Do you own a veterinary clinic?

Thank you for your interest in using our pet cremation services for your clinic.  When you partner with Life Tails, we'll provide your clinic with:

  • Peace of Mind
  • On-Site Training
  • Free Supplies
  • Excellent Profit Margins
  • Clinic Recognition
  • No Contracts

Why Life Tails?

We've been performing pet cremations for over 20 years.  We are the only pet cremation provider in the Kalamazoo area that is owned and operated by a Licensed Funeral Director.  This industry is our profession, and no one does it like Life Tails.  We encourage you to tour our facilities any time and compare us to your current service provider. 

We're a local provider and we'd like to do business with local veterinarians.  Unfortunately, there is a fair amount of inaccurate information about the pet cremation industry.  One of our goals is to ensure that you and your staff are well informed so you can be confident you're providing the very best end of life care to your clients and their precious pets. 


What We Believe

  • We believe in offering the highest quality care in our industry and support this with our actions every day.
  • We believe your trust and loyalty are to be earned.
  • We believe strongly in our service and feel you will too.
  • A handshake and a smile are all we need to get started. 

For Additional Information

Contact our office at (269) 375-2900 or email Patrick Bauschke at patrickbauschke@lifestorynet.com

As your dedicated Life Tails Representative, Patrick will help make your transition to Life Tails easy.  The job doesn't end there though. Patrick is here for you, your employees, and your clients every day to help your clinic be successful with end of life care for our precious pets.

We encourage you to contact any of our affiliated clinics for references. 

My favorite part of my job is visiting with our partner clinics. The employees are truly wonderful. Building a relationship with them is an important and joyful part of my day.

P.S. Hollie and Ellie love to visit too...
— Patrick Bauschke