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Why settle for Average when your pet deserves exceptional?


My pet just passed away.  What do i do?

Call us at (269) 375-2900.  We will pick up your pet from your home, your veterinary clinic, or you're welcome to bring your pet to our office where we have a private area available for final goodbye's.

what if my veterinarian does not use your services?

We're still happy serve you and care for your pet.  Call us directly at (269) 375-2900 and inform your veterinarian that you'd like to use Life Tails. We will pick up your pet from your veterinary clinic or you may bring your pet to our office on Stadium Drive in Kalamazoo. 

How can i be sure I'm receiving my Own pet back?

Our cremations are private, first and foremost.  We also issue each pet a metal identification tag with an individual identification number.  This tag accompanies your pet from pick up to cremation to homecoming.  This is the same industry standard as is used for human cremation. 


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why is same day pick up important?

Most service providers only pick up pets from clinics once or twice per week.  This means your clinic has to store your pet's body for that time, often in a freezer.  Also, you typically don't receive your pet's remains back for another week or two from those providers. 

At Life Tails, we believe your pet and your family deserve more.  We provide same day transportation so we can begin caring your for pet immediately.  This means no freezer storage.  Your faithful companion is also ready to return home to you in just a few short days. 

What is my pet placed in?

We provide a specially designed container for transportation and cremation.  Our competition typically places your pet into a plastic bag and then into a freezer.  Our process is much more dignified and protects your pet's body.

can i witness my pet's cremation?

Yes, you may.  In fact, we welcome it.  Please contact us for scheduling options.

do you perform the cremation at your facility?

We partner with Central Michigan Crematory in Battle Creek, MI.  They're family owned, just like us, and have been in business for 5 generations with the Brutche family.  Their staff is certified through the Cremation Association of North America and they provide the highest standard of care as a leader in their industry. 

Is life Tails affordable?

Yes.  Our prices are comparable to other providers in other areas of the state.  However, Life Tails provides a higher standard of care as well.  Think about what you value when it comes to your pets care.  As with most services, we believe you get what you pay for.

Do you care for pets other than cat's and dogs?

Yes we do.  We care for just about any type of pet including birds, lizards, chinchilla's, etc.