Pet Burial

Pet Caskets by Hoegh Industries

Hoegh Industries is family owned, proudly headquartered in Michigan's upper peninsula, and has been providing high quality pet caskets since 1966.  All units are constructed of strong, high-impact styrene.  The design and special sealant restrict seepage of water and the intrusion of air. 

E-Mar Pet Cemetery

Located at 2800 N 3rd St, Kalamazoo, MI.  This provides an option for those who wish to bury their precious pet, but do not have adequate property to do so themselves.  Additional fees will apply for burial at E-Mar.


20" Standard Stretch


For pets up to 25 lbs
Includes pad and pillow
Single wall construction


Double Wall Deluxe

The deluxe style is fully lined with pad, pillow, and skirting.
Double wall construction provides added protection for your precious pet.

Available in 3 sizes:
24" for pets up to 35 lbs     $185
32" for pets up to 45 lbs     $250
40" for pets up to 100 lbs   $300


52" Standard Single


For pets up to 200 lbs
Includes pad and pillow
Single wall construction